Private Hypnosis

Empowering You to Thrive: A Streamlined Therapeutic Hypnosis Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, I understand the demands of constantly being on the move. That’s why I’ve crafted a therapeutic hypnosis process that is both simple and highly effective, allowing you to achieve your goals and unlock your true potential at your own pace, on your terms, and from the comfort of your own home. With my guidance and support, you’ll experience significant progress from the very first session, and typically find your challenges addressed within a maximum of just four sessions.

What can hypnosis help?

Why My Approach?

Personalized for You: Your journey is unique, and so are your aspirations. I take the time to get to know you on a deeper level, understanding your specific goals and challenges. This personalized approach allows me to create a tailored hypnosis experience that aligns perfectly with your life’s path.

Empowerment at Every Step: My goal is not just to facilitate change but to empower you throughout the process. I equip you with the tools and insights needed to embrace your transformation confidently. You won’t just be a passive participant; you’ll be an active co-creator of your own success.

Results from the Get-Go: Witness the power of therapeutic hypnosis in action. From the very first session, my clients typically experience significant progress. The transformational process unfolds naturally and sets the stage for continuous growth.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Rather than your only option being to come into my office, you can be hypnotized from the comfort of your own home, and while you travel. Your time is valuable, and my streamlined approach ensures that you make the most of it. With a maximum of four sessions, I focus on addressing your specific challenges promptly and effectively, so you can embrace the positive changes sooner.

What's the Process?


Initial Phone Consultation:

The first step is to schedule a friendly and informative chat on the phone. This conversation is a vital opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to share the details of your goals and challenges openly. Your comfort and trust are paramount, and by understanding your specific aspirations, I can create a hypnosis script that is uniquely catered to you and your life. This personal touch sets my therapeutic hypnosis sessions apart from generic approaches you can find available online, as I believe in providing targeted support for each individual. Specificity is a tool of release.


Personalized Hypnosis Sessions:

Based on the insights gathered during our discussion, I’ll create a hypnosis script designed to address your specific needs and objectives. I’ll record two audio sessions for you, each lasting between 25 to 45 minutes–depending on what we discuss. These recordings are a powerful tool for transformation, allowing you to experience the benefits of hypnosis from the comfort and privacy of your own home, anywhere you go. Whether you choose to meet in person or not, the recorded sessions are equally effective in guiding you toward positive change.


Embrace the Journey:

Now comes the exciting part—immersing yourself in your personal hypnotic soundtrack. As you listen to the recording(s) at least once a day, you’ll find the suggestions gradually embedding themselves into your subconscious mind. Much like how you effortlessly recall the chorus of your favorite song, these hypnotic affirmations will begin to accompany you throughout your day. Life can get busy, so there’s no need to worry if you miss a day here or there. This journey is all about progress, not perfection. Simply resume listening whenever you can, and you’ll still experience the powerful benefits of therapeutic hypnosis.


Progress Check-In:

After engaging with the hypnosis recordings for 4-6 weeks, we’ll schedule a progress check-in to evaluate your journey’s impact and discuss your experiences. During this follow-up, you’ll have the opportunity to share any shifts or breakthroughs you’ve encountered and address any questions or concerns that may have arisen. This check-in is a valuable moment for us to celebrate your progress and make any necessary adjustments to any future hypnosis sessions. I have never needed to work with a client more than four times on a single challenge–it’s usually resolved by the first or second session.


If it was possible to put here more than five stars Evan surely deserves infinite stars, he is a real angel and a true healer, I decided to look for hypnosis because I was struggling with very difficult traumas due to things that happened recently and things from my past, the reason I decided to contact him was pure desperation. He did such a wonderful job with the hypnosis he did for me, when I listened it surprised and touched me, the wisdom and knowledge he created during that session was perfect for me and it was a piece of art. He understood me and what I needed more than I even did myself. The sessions are already helping me and I have been listening to them for only a week. Thank you infinitely Evan, God bless you, your heart and this precious gift you have, and I hope many people that need help can have the same fortune I had to find you.
Eleanor Ippolito
Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services, PLLC
“I am very thankful I started working with Evan. His positivity is infectious and made me want to see the changes in my thinking that we talked about. By listening to the recording of our session often I noticed tangible improvements in thoughts and habits I wanted to work on. Working with Evan has helped me become more of the person I want to be. Evan has really taught me that the ideal version can really be achieved through the power of the mind.”
Zachary Stetson
Hobbs Inc
“People who claim hypnotists don't work, have NOT tried working with Evan Gambardella. I too was suspect of hypno-therapy at first, but Evan did such a fantastic job of de-mystifying the practice, and presenting himself and his work in a relatable understandable way. I have had a nail-biting habit for almost two straight decades. But after only a few hypnosis sessions with Evan Gambardella, over the course of only several consecutive weeks, I have never felt more prepared to change my deeply ingrained habit, and work towards a better, more controlled, version of myself. Perhaps Evan's greatest skill is his ability to communicate clearly and efficiently. I know I have work to do on my own - but Evan made a journey to success possible for me. And I am forever grateful for his talents. 10/10 recommend.”
Harrison Bryan
Actor & Playwright
“The best part is that really you don't have to do anything. You just listen to the tape every day and wait for the magic to happen. Evan is one of the sharpest listeners out there and he has been really effective at targeting the core issues of the problems I've wanted to work on and catering to those. In just 2 months of listening to his tapes I feel like a completely different person. I truly recommend this as a tool for personal growth. Looking forward to continue working with Evan in the future!” - JC, Costa Rica
Juan Carlos
Financial Analyst at Creación de Capitales
"You really pushed me to go beyond what was simple and easy and I'm so thankful! I've tried to adopt that sense of possibility in my own life; to try and say 'yes I'll figure it out' instead of 'no that's too complicated.' You are a light of positivity in my life!"
Casey Tucker