“I had other students asking me the same night if we could bring him back some time soon. His show was entertaining from start to finish. Plus, he stayed after despite how tired he must have been and talked to individual students if they wanted to discuss things they felt or saw during the show. We will definitely keep him on the short list for future events!” — Victoria, Allegheny College

“Evan was phenomenal.  Based on the videos I’d seen on his website I had high expectations for the show, and he still blew them away.  Would recommend him to anyone.” — Steven, Simpson College

“What a fun show…  most of our students here have never seen anything like it.” — Scott, Southwest Minnesota State University

“Evan was great! He was laid back, easy to work with, gave an extra long show, and delivered a performance that was more than simple comedy, but also a show that helped subconsciously heal those who were hypnotized, along with the audience. Thank you again!” — Dylan, UW Oshkosh

“I really enjoyed your show tonight! I like how you did the conventional “fun” hypnotizing activities but also put such an emphasis on how your subconscious mind works…which not a lot of people are aware of. Thank you so much for coming tonight!” — Student, Ohio Northern University

I loved your show and had a great time in the audience. You are an amazing hypnotist, your show was really cool and thank you for coming to Temple University.” — Student, Temple University

“I only heard great things about your performance and everyone was still talking about it the next day.” — Jason, Waldorf University

“I’ve seen so many hypnotism shows, and Evan Gambardella’s is the best show. You have to see it.” — Nicole, UCONN

Hello!! I was at your show at Temple University today! I just wanted to say that I loved your show!! You did a great job and I had a lot of fun!! Thanks for all the laughs!! — Snehal, Temple University

“We’ve been talking all night about how fun it was and how great of a job you did! We think our confidence actually was boosted because we are so LOUD and everyone’s staring at us! Thanks for making our night!” – Student, Ball State University

“Evan delivered a great performance and really left a positive impact on our campus community. We look forward to having him back on campus in the future.” – Bella, Loras College

“The show with Evan went great! Everyone loved it, and it was awesome to also have meditation tips within the show.” – Britni, Hanover College