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"I literally cried because of how good I felt!!"
Western Carolina University
"I really enjoyed your show tonight! I like how you did the conventional "fun" hypnotizing activities but also put such an emphasis on how your subconscious mind... which not a lot of people are aware of. Thank you so much for coming tonight!!"
Ohio Northern University
"You have to see it!"
Nicole Prete
Christopher Arnott
Hartford Courant
"A huge hit!"
Lizzie Donius
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Performing in all areas of the United States and around the world, Hypnotist Evan is one of America’s youngest leading impact entertainers.

Whether your audience is several dozen people to several thousand, Hypnotist Evan spellbounds crowds of all sizes.  Evan’s show is highly interactive, uproariously funny, and WOW’s spectators using the untapped magic of their own minds.

Hypnotist Evan isn’t just an entertainer, he inspires motivation and builds new positive habits in audiences everywhere he performs. Evan’s high energy and uplifting spirit is contagious! It’s hard to leave the show without feeling better about yourself–especially if you’re a volunteer.

Hypnotist Evan creates a uniquely memorable experience for each show he performs. Your guests will be talking about for weeks, months, and years to come.


Hypnotist Evan’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is a hilariously funny, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered event designed to generate positivity, wonder, and motivation through audience participation.

The performance begins with a brief and interactive introduction to hypnosis, which gets everyone excited to be a part of the show. The audience will then participate in several fun and fascinating suggestibility tests.

Based on the success of these suggestibility tests, Evan will invite those interested in being hypnotized to join him in front of the stage area. After more tests are performed, 12-20 self-selecting volunteers are invited to take a final seat on stage.

These final volunteers are rapidly hypnotized into a natural trance state, transforming them from ordinary people into extraordinary stars!

And then the fun begins…

Volunteers role-play in several hypnosis comedy routines that have your audience screaming with laughter:

Imagine seeing your friends and family dance like ballerinas, speak with alien species, perform like famous rock stars, and even make their own dreams come true live onstage! You will laugh out loud while the impossible happens right before your very eyes! 

Everyone in attendance will be SPELLBOUND by Evan’s show. Audiences and volunteers alike always linger after the performance to share stories about what they just witnessed, and they’ll depart with motivation to apply the powers of hypnosis to their own lives.




Stress levels go way down

Energy Levels Go Way Up

Best sleep of your life

Make dreams come true


It’s impossible to give a set price to all hypnosis shows. The location, the show length, the audience size, and type of show (High School, College/University, Special Event, Public Fundraiser, Corporate, etc) all help determine a fair show rate.

Please contact Evan to inquire about prices, availability, and more. If you can, please specify the type of show you’re looking for (high school fundraiser, grad party, college, special event, club, etc).

For general information on hypnosis, trance state, and more: visit the general F.A.Q. page on this website.

Stage Hypnotist Evan will open your performance with a humorous and engaging pre-talk about hypnosis, which is designed to get your audience members interested in participating.

Following a series of fun tests, Hypnotist Evan will invite willing volunteers to join him on stage. Depending on the number of volunteers, Evan will likely narrow down the selection to 12-20 final participants. 

Only audience members that are highly interested in participating will be invited to come on stage.


Evan prioritizes the happiness and well-being of his participants above all else. Evan keeps the show entertaining without embarrassing participants on stage.

In all honesty, the volunteers will have the most fun of anyone at the show. They’re treated like stars and they’ll be the talk of the town for weeks afterwards.

Unless you don’t want to feel less stress, more confidence, and generally all-around better in every way, you won’t regret being a volunteer for Evan’s show.


Evan can’t make you do anything against your will, nor would he want to. If you’d like to learn more about how hypnosis works please visit the general F.A.Q. page on this website.


Evan is insured through PEEP Insurance, inc. Certificates of Insurance for events are available upon request.

Evan’s Stage Hypnosis Show is 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the needs of your event.


While based in NYC, Evan performs in every state in the USA and around the world.


Evan’s Stage Hypnosis Show can be presented in a ballroom, club, theater, or even outdoors. Any place where there is room for an audience and a performance area, you can look forward to a great show.

Technical Needs:

  1. 12-20 straight back armless chairs for the volunteers.
  2. Performance area of 24′ x 16′ is ideal, but not mandatory.
  3. Quality sound system with a hand held wireless microphone.
    *If this is an issue, Evan can bring his own speaker and mic. 

NOT recommended! 

With so much misinformation about hypnosis, it could be scary for an audience to suddenly be in the presence of a hypnotist. It is far more beneficial to let your guests know in advance about the fantastic entertainment you booked for them. Any Stage Hypnosis Show works best with psychological principles of expectation and anticipation.

By promoting your show in advance of the event:

  1. You’ll give your people something interesting to talk about in the weeks leading up to the show.
  2. They’ll have something specific to look forward to, and can determine their interest in participation and attendance.
  3. Both the quality and quantity of your volunteer participation will be significantly enhanced on the day of your event. 

No. It’s fine to discuss who wants to be a volunteer, but Hypnotist Evan makes the final call during the show.

There is a variety of downloadable and online material available on this site. Videos and trailers can also be found on this website and on Hypnotist Evan’s Youtube channel.

Use these materials to promote your upcoming Stage Hypnotist Show in email blasts, event brochures, welcome packages, event posters, press releases, and social media campaigns.

For Evan’s Press Kit, please contact Evan by using the contact form below.


(917) 426-7896


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