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"We’ve been talking all night about how fun it was and how great of a job you did! We think our confidence actually was boosted because we are so LOUD and everyone’s staring at us. Thanks for making our night."
Emily Korus
Ball State University
"Given the constantly changing atmosphere we are living in during the pandemic, moving from traditionally in-person to virtual events can be difficult. However, Evan and his team made the experience worthwhile. From start to finish it was well orchestrated and our students enjoyed it. Thank you for joining us Evan. We recommend anyone who needs their energy levels to go way way up and their stress levels to go way way down to book Hypnotist Evan for their next event."
Craig Chigadza
University of Indianapolis

Quality Virtual Programming

In a time where live shows have become potentially life-threatening, virtual hypnosis is the perfect alternative to traditional college entertainment.

Hypnosis through the internet may sound like an impossible feat, but clinical hypnosis has been successfully operational via phone and video-chatting for years; long before the pandemic hit. Live Hypnosis Shows are no exception. 

This virtual Hypnosis Experience is more than just a show to watch on your screen. It blends hilarious live entertainment with social media interaction, cyber-psychology, and a post-show webinar. 

Unlike many programs which have been downgraded in the age of COVID-19, Hypnotist Evan’s Hypnosis Experience is the exception to the rule. We are proud to provide top-shelf, premium quality comedy entertainment, safely bringing students together (at a distance, of course) in fun, exciting, and bold new ways. 

What Is This!?

The Intro:

Selected volunteers will be hypnotized with Evan, gaining access through a private link once they’ve confirmed their participation. These volunteers will be briefly introduced to Evan, make final adjustments in their room set-ups, and dive in to experience the craziness of cyber-comedy hypnosis!

The Experiment:

As volunteers are put into trance, the conference call will be broadcasted LIVE on a separate video-streaming platform for the audience to interact with. 

Hypnotized students will then be given suggestions for various hilarious things to do, which include sharing their hypnotized selves on their social media pages and getting suggestions from attending viewers.

Post-Show Webinar:

After the 20-30 minute show portion is complete, students will be invited to stay on and take part in a hypnosis webinar. Students will ask questions and learn how hypnosis can help in their day to day lives from a therapeutic perspective. Especially in the Age of COVID-19, self-hypnosis and wellness practices are crucial to stay balanced, disarm depression, and strengthen our mental health.

How Does It Work?

There are three options available:

1. Audience members and volunteers are streamed into the show via Zoom from the comfort of their own homes.

2. Audience members are in a communal space, while Evan’s video/audio is projected into the space. You make the necessary COVID-19 precautions to keep your student body safe.

3. A mix of 1 & 2: some students stay in their homes, while some students attend a communal in-person event space. 

Volunteers will register a few days in advance of the show via email & social media. Evan may also open up volunteer opportunities during the show, depending on audience turnout. 

*If you do not want your show streamed on Zoom, you must communicate your preferred streaming platform to Evan at least one week in advance of the show date.*

How Are Volunteers Selected?

Working with your school’s event planning committee, we will run a simple online contest via social media to select willing hypnosis subjects. This will not only select the stars of the show, but will also generate excitement within the community. More simply, your events planning committee can just get volunteers by having interested hypnosis volunteers registered via email/social media. If 5-10 students do not pre-register by showtime, Evan will select volunteers live during the show, via zoom. 

What's the Contest?

3 days before the show, you will post an attached video link provided to all of your social media accounts. This video link will include Hypnotist Evan explaining the benefits of hypnosis and why students should volunteer for the show. We will also provide you a rider with pre-written post & email templates to use. You won’t have to come up with anything!

After the 24 hour window of the contest ends, a member/members of your student union or planning committee will randomly select 5-10 participants to be a part of the show. We can help you to select ideal volunteers.

You will notify these selected ‘winners’ and send them their instructions. Again, an email template will be provided to you for your convenience.

The hypnotist will be working with these pre-selected students for ten minutes before the show begins in order to ensure volunteers arrive and have their rooms/cameras/sound properly set up. This is done to ensure the safety of the volunteers and to keep the show moving by avoiding technical difficulties.

Is this customizable?

Yes. Contact us! We’ll answer any questions and you may have.

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